JONIEC® Facades: Durability and Unique Style

In addition to small garden architecture, JONIEC® produces finishing elements for residential and commercial buildings. Find out why our exterior facades are not only decorative but also guarantee durability.

Our facades are characterised by their unique split surface texture. As a result, they do not require painting or regular renovation. They are resistant to mechanical injury, weathering and dirt. It is an investment that retains its qualities for years.

Facade blocks are ideal for a variety of building types, including single-family homes, garages, office buildings and public spaces. They are available in a wide range of colours and show resistance to changing weather conditions.

Our range also includes decorative tiles that imitate the look of split stone. They are ideal for cladding chimneys, walls and walls both inside and outside.

If you are looking for finishing solutions that combine durability and unique style, our Facades are the perfect choice. Discover the variety of designs and possibilities offered by our products and create a unique look for your building.

TOM Facade blocks

PIANO Facade tiles