Modular Fencing: Your Key to a Functional and Aesthetic Space

Modular fences by JONIEC® are a modern and versatile solution. They are characterised not only by extraordinary aesthetics, but also functionality. Fences are a perfect protection and decoration for your property, giving it a unique character.

ROMA systems are distinguished by their extremely simple assembly. Their modular construction means that installation can be done by yourself, without the need for specialist equipment or skills. This saves time and money, and guarantees solid protection for your property.

Modular fences are versatile and can be used for many different purposes. They can provide protection for a property, act as a foundation, serve as flower bed borders or aesthetic planters. Their uses are virtually limitless, making them ideal for a variety of garden projects.

The wide range of colours includes warm, soft tones and cold colours. Thanks to this variety, you can create a personalised composition that perfectly matches the colour of the building facade or garden elements. Our modular fences are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Our modular fences have found their way into both private homes and public buildings. Their durability and functionality meet the highest standards, making them the ideal choice for both individual customers and businesses.

Choose modular fences and enjoy the beauty and functionality of your space.

Modular fence ROMA Nova

The ROMA Nova fence is a modern system composed of concrete blocks. Their appearance and dimensions are innovative and different from most fencing systems available on the market.

ROMA Mega modular fence

The ROMA Mega fencing system is designed for customers looking for exclusive modern forms. Large concrete modular blocks facilitate fast erection of solid structures. The visual effect achieved is a beautiful fence that inspires awe.

ROMA Horizon modular fences

ROMA Horizon is a product characterised by elegant design and simplicity of installation.

ROMA Perfect modular fences

ROMA Perfect fences will be appreciated by fans of raw, ascetic aesthetics. Thanks to the SCRATCH technology, the blocks gain an original, irregular form and non-uniform surface.

ROMA Diamond modular fence

ROMA Diamond is a modular fence block system distinguished by its scratched textured surface.

ROMA Classic modular fences

The Roma Classic product is a concrete fence that combines simplicity and elegance.