ROMA Perfect modular fences

Bring a unique character to your space with ROMA Perfect fences, created for lovers of raw, ascetic aesthetics. Thanks to the innovative SCRATCH technology, the blocks gain a unique form and a non-uniform surface.

SCRATCH technology, a novelty on the Polish market, is a key element in the production process of ROMA Perfect fences. The result of this method is a unique surface texture, inspired by chiseled and pointed rock blocks and an effect imitating the influence of natural forces and the passing of time.

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About the system

The characteristics of ROMA Perfect fences will catch the eye and give your space a unique expression:

- Unique, slanted cracks and chisels of varying depth, giving the fence a unique character.

- The non-uniform surface of the block walls, inspired by the natural elements, creates a unique visual effect.

- Irregular edges and corners add authenticity and raw charm to the fence.

- Exposed aggregate, a subtle detail that adds a natural expression to the fence.

Available colours


System components

RP20 post/wall block scratched on four sides H 20 cm / L 50.4 cm/ W 20 cm

Technical drawings

Suggested method of laying blocks - B
Suggested way of arranging blocks - A