Our company

The company JONIEC® is a leading Polish manufacturer of concrete fences and elements of small garden architecture. The beginnings of our activity date back to the 1980s, when we started the production of split façade tiles under the banner of JONIEC®.

For the last 30 years we have been developing our own innovative designs and putting them into production with the main emphasis on innovation and modernity. This time has allowed us to fully specialise in the production of products such as: split fences, modular concrete fences, prefabricated foundations, gazons, palisades, facade blocks. All our products meet the standards and requirements necessary to maintain our leading position on the extremely competitive and demanding Polish and European market. We are constantly looking for new, effective and innovative solutions. Thanks to production optimisation, we obtain products of consistently high quality. We take care to maintain the highest possible standards in both production and customer service.

The company JONIEC® invites you to cooperation.

Joniec Sahara Run

The Joniec Sahara Run – a unique challenge born in the minds of enthusiasts of travel, bushcraft, sport and crossing borders. The expedition, planned for February 2020, was unfortunately thwarted by an outbreak of pandemonium. Less than a month ago, the unrealised project was pulled out of the drawer and thrown on the table again.