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We place emphasis on continuous development, which is why we continue to expand our network of partners. Join us and become part of the thriving concrete fencing market.

Highest quality

When creating our products, we use the best materials and modern technology.

Effective marketing

We reach a wide range of customers by effectively promoting our products.

Recognised brand for 30 years

Many years of experience have allowed us to become the market leader in the concrete fencing industry.

High-volume marketing

Our developed marketing covers the areas of trade press, trade portals and social media, where we boast 45,000 followers on Facebook and 2,800 on Instagram. We also support our distributors with an emphasis on their marketing development. We provide them with the right materials and tools to effectively promote our products.

Desired products

The company JONIEC®, with more than 30 years of experience in the production of concrete fences and elements of small garden architecture, is the undisputed leader in the competitive Polish and Eastern European market. We always strive to introduce innovative designs into production, maintaining high quality standards. Our offer includes a variety of products, such as split fences, modular concrete fences, prefabricated foundations, gazons, palisades and facade blocks that meet the highest standards and requirements. By optimising production, we maintain the consistently high quality of our products. We are ready to continue looking for innovative solutions, taking care of both our customers and business partners.

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