Split fences - Unique character, reminiscent of natural stone.

Split fences combine aesthetics, durability and robustness. They harmonise perfectly with both classic and modern solutions.

Split fences blend in perfectly with the garden and architecture of most houses. They offer a clear separation of the private space of the plot from the surroundings, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

The innovative technology of mechanical splitting of the blocks gives them natural and unique breakouts. This gives the fences a unique character. What's more, we eliminate the need for grouting, combining aesthetics with excellent durability.

The elements of the systems have a surface that resembles natural stones. Our offer includes a wide range of colours, including single-colour models and unique colour melanges. They allow you to adjust the fencing to any arrangement.

Concrete fences are characterised by excellent resistance to mechanical damage and the influence of weather conditions. Thanks to this, they can serve for many years and are an investment in the future.

If you are looking for a fence that enhances the beauty of your property, provides privacy and will stand the test of time, Slate Fences are the perfect solution. Discover the variety of designs and colours on offer, and create a unique space around your home.

GORC® Peak split fences

Discover the perfect balance between tradition and modernity with the GORC® Peak fencing system - a new interpretation of the iconic slate fence.

GORC® de Luxe GL38 split fences

The GORC® de Luxe GL38 split fence is an impressive and modern solution, a larger counterpart to the highly regarded GORC® de Luxe GL22.

GORC® de Luxe GL22 split fences

GORC® de Luxe fences are an original idea of the company JONIEC®, which has been enriching the Polish market since 2003. Their unique design creates a unique aesthetic of the posts and foundation.