Foundations: A Solid Base for Your Fence

Prefabricated foundations and concrete, composite and steel connectors provide a solid base for your fence. Find out why our solutions are a fast, economical and durable way to build a fence base.

Fence foundation is a modern solution that allows you to build a solid fence base economically and quickly. With prefabricated connectors and concrete boards, you can avoid the time-consuming process of traditional shuttering and concreting. Our 20 cm, 25 cm or 30 cm high foundations fit a variety of fencing types, including panel, mesh, metal, brick and wooden. The cost of building a fence becomes much more affordable with our ready-made solutions.

If you're looking for a sturdy and cost-effective base for your fence, our Foundations are the perfect choice. Discover the variety of sizes and possibilities offered by our products and create a durable and aesthetically pleasing fence without any fuss.

Prefabricated foundations

Concrete connectors