Water-repellent fence impregnate - universal

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About the product

Product features

The impregnation is dedicated to fences using SCRATCH technology:

  • GORC® Top (in all colours)
  • ROMA Perfect (in all colours)
  • ROMA Diamond (in all colours)
  • ROMA Nova (in all colours)

as well as for the GORC® de Luxe split fence (in silver) and the ROMA Horizon modular fence (in white).

This impregnation can be used for all colours of GORC® de Luxe slate fencing - but you will then not get the colour enhancing effect.


1/ forms a protective membrane protecting the surface of the fence against water penetration

2/ the hydrophobic layer formed significantly reduces the water absorption area

3/ binds dust and prevents contamination of surfaces

4/ the surface does not change its original colour

5/ prolongs the life of the fence

6/ surface retains breathability

7/ increases frost resistance parameters

Directions for use

Impregnation is recommended no sooner than one month after completion of construction.

Application temperature from +5oC to +25oC. Apply the impregnate only when the weather conditions are favourable - take into account atmospheric conditions (rain, frost, excessive temperature) before application.

The product is available in 5 litre containers (average yield from 5L - approx. 25m2 ).

Please read the information and recommendations on the product label before use.

Guarantee period

2 years from date of manufacture

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