Modular fence ROMA Nova

The ROMA Nova fence is an innovative folding system made of solid concrete blocks that impresses with its design and exceptional quality.

Differentiating itself from traditional fences, ROMA Nova presents a fresh, modern look that attracts attention and gives your property a unique character.

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About the system

ROMA Nova concrete blocks are designed to perfectly match the needs of today's builders. The available dimensions are aligned with modern design, making it easy to install and customise the fence to suit individual preferences.

The ever-prevalent grey in the world of design is reflected in the fence's colour palette. The available colours blend in perfectly with modern garden arrangements, adding elegance and sophistication.

ROMA Nova is one of the few fences for which SCRATCH treatment is used. This is a unique method of treating concrete, which gives the surface a gently striated texture, mimicking chiseled rock blocks and the influence of natural forces and the passing of time.

If you are looking for a fence that not only protects your property but also gives it a unique style, the ROMA Nova fence is the perfect solution. Its unique design, modern colours and SCRATCH technology make it a choice that is sure to attract attention.

Available colours


System components

RN19 post/wall block H 14.4 cm / L 75.6 cm / W 19.5 cm


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