Sealing glue

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About the product

Product features:

A one-component polyurethane compound for bonding fence blocks, stone blocks and prefabricated elements by JONIEC®. It can be used not only for fences, but also for bonding elements both inside and outside the building. It has good adhesion to concrete, brick, plastic, metal and many other substrates. Resistant to ageing (does not lose its properties with the passage of time).

Effects of action:

1/ achieve a strong bond between the parts to be bonded

2/ sealing of horizontal and vertical joints between glued fence blocks

Method of use:

All installation work should be carried out at an ambient temperature of +5oC to +40oC.

The setting time of the adhesive at +20oC and an application layer of 2 mm is 24 hours

Available in packs:

  • cartouche 300 ml
  • foil 600 ml
Read the information and recommendations on the product label before use.

Guarantee period:

15 months from date of manufacture