LBN formulation

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About the product

Product properties

LBN formulation is an anti-shrinkage admixture for concrete. It is used in the construction industry for the preparation of concrete mix for filling fence blocks, as an anti-shrinking agent for concrete.


1/ counteracts the reduction in volume of the concrete

Directions for use

The admixture is applied to the concrete mix by dissolving it in part or all of the batch water.

cement I/II 42,5water *sand 0/2gravel 2/8LBNtotal
kg25,0 (bag)11,550,861,20,25149

*The amount of water to be added depends on the moisture content of the aggregates (sand, gravel) to be added and should be constantly controlled during the formation of the concrete mixture. The resulting concrete mixture should have a thick plastic consistency,

The product is available in 1 liter packages.

Before use, please read the information and recommendations on the product label.

Warranty period

12 months from the date of production