Steel panels

Steel panel infills are the perfect way to build a fence with a modern look.

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Galvanizing type

The steel components are made of galvanised sheet metal of grade DX51. Thickness of zinc coating 275g/m2.

Powder coating

The thickness of the paint film is 60μm (microns).


Double-leaf gate
Sliding gate

Variants available

COMO Profile (mm): 80 x 20
GRADIO Profile (mm): 160 x 20 / 80 x 20
LARGO Profile (mm): 200 x 20
MEDIO Profile (mm): 160 x 20
OPTIMA Profile (mm): 80 x 20
TESSO Profile (mm): 160 x 20 / 80 x 20
VERO non-transparent Profile (mm): 80 x 20
VERO see-through Profile (mm): 80 x 20