It's been 20 years since the GORC® system was developed! When introducing it to the market in 2003, no one expected such a success. Customers fell in love with blocks imitating natural stone, appreciating their timelessness. Slate fences have blended into both modern and classic construction, creating showpieces for many homes and gardens.

Over the years we have refined the quality of the product, while introducing new variants of GORC® fences to the market. As a result of these activities, as of today there are 4 systems in our offer: GORC® Peak, GORC® de Luxe GL22, GORC® de Luxe GL38 and GORC® Top.

The original appearance of the blocks is created by modern mechanical splitting technology. In this way we obtain natural and unique breakouts, which give the fence a unique character, referring to traditional solutions. The style of the fence perfectly emphasizes the slogan: GORC® - MODERNITY INSIDE THE TRADITION.

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