On 9 November 2023, the Gala of the project Kreator Budownictwa Roku took place. The event was organised by the Publishing House of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers, which awarded the best from the construction industry for the 13th time. During the final Gala, held in Pałacek Otrębusy near Warsaw, 54 certificates were handed out, honouring people, companies, products and investments creating the construction market. Among them was the company JONIEC®, which received 3 certificates:

- In the Person category, Mieczysław Joniec was honoured,

- FPUH JONIEC® Mieczysław Joniec was awarded in the Company category,

- in the Products and Investments category, the ROMA modular fence was awarded.

The aim of the project is to reward and promote companies that enjoy recognition in the construction market. The honoured companies contrast positively with others and can serve as role models. Individuals who have achieved professional success and are characterised by charisma, entrepreneurship and creativity are also honoured.

The prestigious titles of the Construction Designer of the Year 2023 were presented by Aneta Grinberg-Iwańska, President of the PIIB Publishing House, and Mariusz Dobrzeniecki, President of the National Council of the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers, as well as Piotr Krasiński, Deputy Director of the National Centre for Research and Development. The event was also honoured with the presence of representatives of Honorary Patrons and Partners.

Full coverage of the Gala can be found at www.kreatorbudownictwa.pl.