PROTECT PLUS fence impregnant

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About the product

Product features:

Impregnator with a strong darkening and matt surface effect, used for surface protection of concrete fence blocks, precast concrete blocks and driveways. The product is characterised by high abrasion and slip resistance.

Dedicated to all JONIEC® products, with exceptions:

  • Do not apply to GORC® and ROMA fences in colours: SILVER, SNOW, WHITE - a greying effect of the light colour may appear. Here we recommend a universal water-repellent impregnate
  • Do not apply to fences with SCRATCH technology: GORC® Top, ROMA Perfect, ROMA Diamond and ROMA Nova fences. Here we recommend a universal water-repellent impregnate
  • Do not impregnate clinker brick fences with this product. A test is recommended on limestone, sandstone or other natural rock facings.
  • Do not apply to ROMA Horizon fences in white and graphite. Here we recommend a colour impregnator.


1/ increases resistance to dirt and harmful weather conditions,

2/ improves the appearance of the surface,

3/ strengthens colour,

4/ reduces abrasion.

Impregnation is recommended no sooner than one month after completion of construction.

Application temperature from +5oC to +25oC. Apply the impregnate only when the weather conditions are favourable - take into account atmospheric conditions (rain, frost, excessive temperature) before application.

The product is available in 5 litre containers (average yield from 5L - approx. 25m2 ).

Please read the information and recommendations on the product label before use.

Guarantee period

2 years from date of manufacture