Concrete coloured impregnation

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Product features:

Acrylic-silicone, water-based protective and decorative impregnation.

The product is dedicated for ROMA Horizon fences in colours graphite and white.

Effects of action:

1/ has the ability to penetrate deep into the substrate to protect against the damaging effects of water and frost

2/ increases the lifespan of the fence and concrete substrate

3/ refreshes and revitalises the colour of the fence in the colours available

4/ hides surface colour defects, stains, discolouration

5/ permanently stains concrete surfaces

Method of use:

IMPREGNATE is recommended to be applied no earlier than one month after the completion of construction. If IMPREGNAT is applied after efflorescence removal, it should not be applied until 5-7 days after application of the efflorescence and tarnish remover.

Application temperature from +5oC to +30oC. Apply the impregnate only when the weather conditions are favourable - take into account the weather conditions (rain, frost, excessive heat) before application.

The product is available in 5 litre containers (average yield from 5L - approx. 25m2 ).

Please read the information and recommendations on the product label before use.

Guarantee period:

2 years from date of manufacture