Paint for renovation and painting of concrete surfaces

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About the product

Product features

Acrylic-silicone water-based protective and decorative paint with very high weather resistance, high abrasion resistance and excellent adhesion to concrete substrate. It is based on modern raw materials that guarantee the highest quality.

The paint is recommended for refreshing canopies that may lose their fresh color over time.

Available in the colors of all our caps.

Effects of action

1/ increases weather resistance

2/ refreshes and revives the color of concrete elements

Directions for use

The substrate should be seasoned, compact, free of dust, oil stains, grease, peeling coats of old paint and free of dirt. The substrate should be dry with no visible signs of moisture or darkening caused by moisture.

Application temperature from +5oC to +30oC and relative humidity of up to 60%. Apply the paint only when the weather conditions are favorable - take into account atmospheric conditions (rain, frost, excessive heat) before application.

The paint is available in 1 liter packages (average yield from 1L - about 6m2).

Before use, read the information and recommendations on the product label.

Warranty period

2 years from date of manufacture

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